Better days ahead?

November 29, 2007

The last four days had been relatively quiet in the Chaos household.  Junior & Zen seemed to be tolerating each other now.  Zen even spent the night with Alex & I last evening & I thought to myself when I woke up, that everything will alright now.

Then lo & behold, just as I was about to leave the flat, Junior jumped on Zen.  Out of nowhere. Nothing calms him down. I ended leaving Zen in the spare room by himself. 

So much for better days.  At least not yet.   🙂

Photos to come, promise.  I slack, as always.


Junior’s attack

November 22, 2007

Late last night Junior suddenly went nuts & attacked Zen.  Instinctively I doved in to separate them by picking Junior up.  He turned & sank all his teeth into my arm.  If you had never been bitten by cat, let me tell, it is hell f*&#king painful!!!!!

I can’t let go of him because he’d go straight for Zen’s blood again.  I had to hold on him & find a place to isolate him.  Panicking, in pain , the rest of Chaos screaming, I headed for the nearest bathroom, threw him in & closed the door.  I looked down, my arm was bloody & there was a trail of blood from the war room to the bathroom.

I didn’t know what to do first. Zen was still hissing, Alex & Ruby were really frightened & Carma was just screaming (don’t know why) it was almost midnight & I’m bleeding.  I decided to take care of myself first.  But I don’t know the first thing about first aid (yes, I am THAT hopeless).  I have no bandages or antiseptic creams.  I had rinse my arm under the tap, washed with dettol soap.  But bleeding was relentless.  That boy punctured me good.  I ended using a hand towel, wrapped it round my arm & went to bed.  But the pain made sleep almost impossible.

This morning I checked my arm, the bleeding has stopped but punctures are still spotting blood.  And my arm is still in pain.  I counted, there are 8 punctures & a few scratches on my arm.  But Junior & Zen, they calm & back to their usual routine like nothing had happened last night.

I went through mixed emotions last night.  I was furious with Junior – for the fight & the bite.  But that was only split second.  I realised that no matter how well I train Junior to become, he is still a cat & he will continue to act on his instinct.  And it is pointless to be angry with him precisely of this.

And these there was a sense of helplessness.  I don’t even know how to take care of myself, I wish there was someone else in the flat last night to help me with the cats.  Did I try to take on too much on my own?  I went to bed feeling defeated on top of the pain.

But this morning, when I fed them, they looked happy.  They’ve forgotten the fight, Junior & Zen were eating side by side.  Thankfully holding a grudge is not forte 🙂 … And it looks like I can learn a thing or two from these cats.

Remanents of a fight?

November 19, 2007


Got up this morning & found hair all over the kitchen floor.  Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out whose grey & ginger hair those belong to! 🙂

I hope the fight didn’t wake up any neighbours! Eeek

Dun pray pray with Junior ok?

November 14, 2007

Junior flexing his ‘muscle’ 🙂

I guess, this is their dance, huh?

Behind bars

November 9, 2007


Junior has been picking on Zen this week & I decided to put them together until he learns to get along with Zen.

Zen went to sleep almost immediately & Junior was left a little stupid growling by himself.  His growling eventually dropped to a whimper, begging to be let out. 

Let’s see if he will pick on Zen again.



November 7, 2007

No one is a full fledge member of Chaos until he/she gets at least one good & proper wallop by a/or a couple of resident Chaos. 

Zen got his initiation from Junior last evening.  Junior had been on Zen’s back for the last two days, always looking for a chance to pin the fat boy down for a friendly wrestle.  Last evening must have been no different, just a little rougher is my guess.  By the time I got to Zen, he was whimpering in a corner. Didn’t expect that (the whimpering) from a sumo size. 

 Junior got a spank & he lurked away to a dark corner, probably to hatch another plan of attack. Until then he says….. 


October 31, 2007


Junior: What are you looking at?

Zen: Looking at someone who’s about to get a twat.

* Right after the picture taking, Junior got a gentle twat on the head.  He took it like a man. 🙂

Jr & Zen-san

October 28, 2007


The boys rummaging through junk meant for the karang guni man.

Both boys are about the same age & the similarity ends there.  Jr is tall & lanky while Zen-san is shorter & stockier.  Jr is full of energy while Zen is laid-back, very chilled. But both seem curious enough about each other, following each other around the house, mimicking each other’s little quirks.

I was telling my sister Irene about Zen-san’s arrival last night on the phone, when Jr finally decided a take a swipe at him.  A true zen, he gave Jr a “now what’s that for?” look. No retaliation, no hissing nothing. Irene joked “heck! you should call him JC for that!”

Not a bad idea.  That shall be his nickname. 🙂


October 21, 2007

From Molly Meek


“I love that supple neck of yours.  I could nibble all night.” “Right back at ya darling”

Jr & Wawa

August 11, 2007