Playing dead

November 8, 2008



March 23, 2008


Ruby after her breakfast

Ruby, the grand dame of the Chaos household has recently started to wheeze no reason.  I used to think it was hairball but after repeated hairball gel feeding, she still wheezes. 

I asked foster mom P this morning & she said it is ‘old cat’ symptoms.  Apparently, it is a common thing for very old cats & dogs to wheeze.  Its not asthma either.  It is just a telling sign that she is getting on with old age & I should be prepared for the worse in the months to come.

Ruby reclaims her bed

November 10, 2007


She looks so contented napping in her new bed & I am so happy for her. 

Sometimes when I clean her gums, I am sad. I can’t help but imagine the pain she suffer when all her teeth were extracted.  How can anyone be that cruel? It could be my projected feelings on her.  I don’t know.  But I tell myself, no matter what happens in Ruby’s future, I will never allow her to suffer again.

And finally …. Ruby

August 11, 2007


Ruby Getting Along :-)

January 18, 2007

Make Yourself Comfortable

January 5, 2007

Whoever who said that, didn’t anticipate our cats would really make themselves comfortable with our stuff!

Ruby has the habit of scrunching up the table runner under her before she snoozes

& Carma makes my bag her bed …

Ruby – a ragdoll with humans but a terror with the Chaos especially Wawa these days.