August 10, 2007


This is Sunshine.   A couple of months ago, I found this kitten sitting at the foot of a group of very loud aunties under one of my opposite block of flats.

 Although he did seemed a little out of place amongst the aunties but he wasn’t afraid nor shy either.  When I picked him up & asked the aunties if he belonged to anyone, one aunty quickly said “not mine! not mine! no mother no father one! you take him!”

True enough, I did a walk around the next few blocks, I found no traces of any cat families.  I made a call to Foster Mom to check if there is a vacancy in the cattery.  Luckily enough there was.

Sunshine was about a month old then & he seemed quite contented to remain inside my handbag while I took him on tour around the blocks, cross the overhead bridge & back to my place before Damy takes him to Foster Mom’s.

He was puny little thingy with ATTITUDE & ENERGY.  In fact, he is a picture of a very happy energizer rabbit – hence the name Sunshine 🙂

To cut the long story short, Sunshine was adopted by V & his family a couple of weeks back in an adoption drive organised by Foster Mom.  

A happy ending for a happy cat.  The last email I received from V “Sunshine is a happy little naughty boy in my house. He loves cataching our feet when we walk pass.”