November 14, 2007

My ex-colleague & I met up for lunch today & decided to pay a visit to our old office.  Remember Peanut, Sesame & Tua Tao?


They remember me!! They came running to me from the usual hideout.  Awww so nice!

Peanut & Sesame are now full grown young adults & but still very loving towards each other.  They were grooming each other in the photo.  Sesame looks very healthy although Peanut seems a little thinner.  I noticed a few small bite marks on her.  Could it be the work of a new tomcat in the neighbourhood?  I found her wheezing a little as well.  I’m worried about her.  I didn’t see the auntie around.  She was probably out for lunch.


Tua Tao on the other hand has totally forgotten me. Dashed straight for the car when he saw me coming towards him.  Only managed to get a picture of his backside.  He is handsome now, spotting a beautiful white coat!  Looks like he has recovered completely from his skin condition. 🙂


There is a beer garden now next to the regular hangout of the Peanut, Sesame, Tua Tao & any passerby cats.  This spot used to be the cats’ litter box & playground 🙂 I hope this bar owner is tolerant of the cats.


Tua Tao’s Fresh Sores

January 16, 2007

A new sore on Tua Tao’s back. A few more small ones on his sides which he won’t let me take pictures of.

The Auntie suspects he bites himself because his new skin itches. But it seems unlikely to me. The spot where the sore is (on this picture) is an unlikely spot where he can bite himself. I could be wrong. Tua Tao could be an acrobatic cat for all I know.

I have asked Auntie to cut back on the cod liver oil supplements to thrice a week & add lysine to all daily feed.

Meanwhile, the kittens are venturing into my end of the street.

A New Make Shift

January 12, 2007

It has been raining long & hard the past couple of days. The Auntie worries that the current make shift we have is not big enough for the trio.

So she made this. Inside is a A4 paper carton box that sits on top of a large ceramic tile & then she lined the box with small piece of carpet. For the finishing touches, she covers it with the garbage bag. It is big enough for the kittens to snuggle up together & it keeps the cold wind out.

Genius! I say.

Tua Tao has been hiding in this little make-shift shelter since yesterday.

He seemed to be happy to be in his new ‘home’ & is, I believe, a little possessive of it. But he still shares with home with the little ones.

He hissed at me a couple of times yesterday & this morning when I stick my hand in for him to smell & when I removed his stale foodbowl. But he remained calm & quiet when I spoke to him. He appeared to be listening & understanding me (rather that’s what I like to think he is doing!)

I am happy that he now has the confidence to protect his territory & the kittens instead of running off to hide.

His skin is clear now. He looks like a new cat & he has put on a little weight. 🙂

This is the video which captured Tua Tao’s first contact with me. I forgot to upload earlier. See how he weaves in & out with Sesame.

If you could only see my smiling face …


I took a mini-break from work this afternoon & went out to play with the kittens. The Auntie was there so we chatted briefly. She happily pointed to Tua Tao & said “He is yan-tau (handsome). So white now.” I smiled & nodded. She continued, “cod liver oil very good but very smelly.” I laughed. Yes, Tua Tao is handsome. Pity I did not have my camera with me.

I informed her that Vincent (pet transport guy) will collect Sesame next Monday evening for sterilization. He will return the boy on Thursday evening. She was nodded “good, good.”

She told me she saw a kitten (about a month old) outside the SGH last Saturday but it is no longer there. The kitten is a black & white with a crooked tail. “Very cute,” she said.

I explained to her there are a few possible scenarios. The kitten could have wandered off or rescued or … Anyway, I said if she does see the kitten again, please bring it here where it is safer.

As the sky turned turning grey, she looked wistfully at our makeshift shelter for the trio & said, “I worry. Don’t know if this is enough for them.” I can only reply, “This will have to do Auntie. This is best we can provide for them.”

We looked at each other, nodded & walked separately back to our offices.

A Great Start to 2007

January 1, 2007

Yes it is, at least for Tua Tao.

He was the first to greet me this morning. He came sprinting to me when I called out his name. Following close behind him were the kittens.

The Auntie is right. Tua Tao is almost healed now.

No more scabs on his face
Fine hairs can be seen on his back Only a few scabs left. His skin is no longer raw.

This cat that everyone call ugly has proven them wrong. He is a fine looking lad now. 🙂

An Unlikely Friendship The trio adopted a baby rat. It is very shy rat but I saw it nestled behind the trio’s makeshift shelter, nibbling on a kibble.

Is the beginning of an unlikely friendship? Hopefully the kittens’ instinct don’t kick in & start to view rat as their food.

Unfortunately I can’t take a picture of baby rat. My camera’s battery went flat. 😦