Ying yang

March 23, 2008


Chaos’ ying yang, living in perfect harmony ….


Drool …

March 14, 2008


Does your cat drool when he/she is very very happy?

Wawa has started drooling lately. When I cuddle in my arms, she would roll about in my arms, purr & then drool.  Droplets of saliva drooling down the chin.  It feels like to holding a month old baby in my arms.  Something I don’t relish to be honest.  But at least I know I’m doing something right, giving her joy 🙂

Jr & Wawa

August 11, 2007



Another face-off

March 10, 2007

This time it is between Beauty & Wawa.

Warning: some scenes may not be suitable for children. 🙂

January 26, 2007

Found blood in Wawa’s urine this evening. Vegancat said it is FLUTD & recommended wet food with salmon & lots of water.

I think Beauty has it as well. Caught her urinating outside the litterbox twice over the last two nights.

So no more dry food for Chaos, only wet ones for now. Poor Ruby. She’s gonna be hungry. She’s not much of a wet food cat. She loves dry food despite being toothless.

Ruby – a ragdoll with humans but a terror with the Chaos especially Wawa these days.