What’s up with the Chaos

October 17, 2008

Plenty plenty!  Too much has been happening and all at the same time.  Too much to update now but will do so. Promise.
Meanwhile, I found a little kitty at the busy car park in the wet market across my home.  Hiding under a bush, shivering from fear(?).  I looked for his family but found none.  Ears & feet were cleaned too.  A victim of abandonment? Looks like it.
Anyway, scoot him into my handbag into my handbag an hour later.  He didn’t see that coming but didn’t put up a fight either.  Just a few meows & after that, happily (or stupidly) accepted his fate? 🙂

Right away, he got bathe, followed by massive bingeing on wet food.  That’s when I found he walked with a limp.  Uh oh, not good.  Got him to the vet the next day, might as well get him dewormed & vaccinated at the same time.  Just as I suspected, its a fracture. Vet said he needs surgery or worse amputation!?!.  I frowned, decided I should get a 2nd opinion. 

A week later, took him to a 2nd vet. Yes, he does have a fracture but it not a clean break.  So it’ll heal by itself, since the boy is running & jumping like a monkey, ok, a limping monkey.

Wolfie fooling around with Zen

Fooling around with Zen
Its now almost month since I’ve found him.  He has fully integrated into Chaos’ lives, especially Zen.  Zen has taken up the role of big brother to this little fella.  Protecting him from the big bad Beauty & Junior.  Playing catch with him.  Alex too, has taken a liking towards the little fella.  The little one sees Alex is the big white fluff that he loves to jump on, which sends Alex into a wheezing fit. 
Oh, when I found the little fella, he was pretty malnutritioned.  He weighed only a kilo!  I thought he was a month plus old.  Turned out 3 months.  Bummer!  But he quickly caught up.  Now he’s twice the size since & growing every second.  I am very happy that he is now a healthy, happy little fella.

Sleepy head

“Huh?!?” “Smile! You dope”

“Oh … but I can’t keep my eyes opened ….”

“Whatever … zzzzzzs”

By the way, did I mentioned he’s named Wolfie??  And Wolfie is up for adoption 🙂 No, 7 Chaos is enough for now 🙂