A Zen moment …

March 23, 2008




March 3, 2008

Hi all!  The break had been good. Not sure about Chaos.  Probably too much of this crazy cat mama in their face!

There is actually not much to update.  The Chaos are pretty much the same, up to their usual play & games.  With the addition of Zen, the excitement level in the household is definitely up a few notches. 

You see, Zen is not really zen after all.  We (Chaos & I) swear he is the devil reincarnate.  All those zen stuff he did before, was a PR stunt. 🙂  Since joining the household, he has successfully:

1. made firm enemies with Beauty, Carma, Junior & Wawa

2. cause injuries to Abby, my help.  He dashed, she tripped, hurt her ankle. I pay the medical bill & cleaned the flat. Thanks Zen.

3. scare the neighbours’ kids. Again he dashed out the door, headed straight for the lift, kids were just coming home from school. Loud screams. The fella dashed back, the kids followed him. Now everyone knows where we live. Great.

4. beat the crap out of Beauty’s favourite teddy bear.  I had to put the little fella ‘to sleep’.  Beauty is now teddy bearless.

5. officiated his place on my bed by wiping his dirty (& I mean DIRTY) backside on my pillow.  I had to buy a new pillow & linens.

6. beat Beauty in the heaviest cat in the house record. 

7. won every human’s heart over. Everyone who has been to my place, ADORES him.  And each time I would offer “like to take him home?” But I should be sooooo lucky.  😉

By the way I am debating if I should change his name to Mister Luci(fer). 🙂

Better days ahead?

November 29, 2007

The last four days had been relatively quiet in the Chaos household.  Junior & Zen seemed to be tolerating each other now.  Zen even spent the night with Alex & I last evening & I thought to myself when I woke up, that everything will alright now.

Then lo & behold, just as I was about to leave the flat, Junior jumped on Zen.  Out of nowhere. Nothing calms him down. I ended leaving Zen in the spare room by himself. 

So much for better days.  At least not yet.   🙂

Photos to come, promise.  I slack, as always.

Remanents of a fight?

November 19, 2007


Got up this morning & found hair all over the kitchen floor.  Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out whose grey & ginger hair those belong to! 🙂

I hope the fight didn’t wake up any neighbours! Eeek

Dun pray pray with Junior ok?

November 14, 2007

Junior flexing his ‘muscle’ 🙂

I guess, this is their dance, huh?

Behind bars

November 9, 2007


Junior has been picking on Zen this week & I decided to put them together until he learns to get along with Zen.

Zen went to sleep almost immediately & Junior was left a little stupid growling by himself.  His growling eventually dropped to a whimper, begging to be let out. 

Let’s see if he will pick on Zen again.




November 7, 2007

No one is a full fledge member of Chaos until he/she gets at least one good & proper wallop by a/or a couple of resident Chaos. 

Zen got his initiation from Junior last evening.  Junior had been on Zen’s back for the last two days, always looking for a chance to pin the fat boy down for a friendly wrestle.  Last evening must have been no different, just a little rougher is my guess.  By the time I got to Zen, he was whimpering in a corner. Didn’t expect that (the whimpering) from a sumo size. 

 Junior got a spank & he lurked away to a dark corner, probably to hatch another plan of attack. Until then he says….. 


October 31, 2007


Junior: What are you looking at?

Zen: Looking at someone who’s about to get a twat.

* Right after the picture taking, Junior got a gentle twat on the head.  He took it like a man. 🙂

Jr & Zen-san

October 28, 2007


The boys rummaging through junk meant for the karang guni man.

Both boys are about the same age & the similarity ends there.  Jr is tall & lanky while Zen-san is shorter & stockier.  Jr is full of energy while Zen is laid-back, very chilled. But both seem curious enough about each other, following each other around the house, mimicking each other’s little quirks.

I was telling my sister Irene about Zen-san’s arrival last night on the phone, when Jr finally decided a take a swipe at him.  A true zen, he gave Jr a “now what’s that for?” look. No retaliation, no hissing nothing. Irene joked “heck! you should call him JC for that!”

Not a bad idea.  That shall be his nickname. 🙂