October 31, 2007


Junior: What are you looking at?

Zen: Looking at someone who’s about to get a twat.

* Right after the picture taking, Junior got a gentle twat on the head.  He took it like a man. 🙂


Carma says “bleh”

October 28, 2007

When I shoved the camera in her face.


Meanwhile …

October 28, 2007

Alex decides to spend the day in the land of zzzzzzzs … oblivious to the new member of Chaos


Jr & Zen-san

October 28, 2007


The boys rummaging through junk meant for the karang guni man.

Both boys are about the same age & the similarity ends there.  Jr is tall & lanky while Zen-san is shorter & stockier.  Jr is full of energy while Zen is laid-back, very chilled. But both seem curious enough about each other, following each other around the house, mimicking each other’s little quirks.

I was telling my sister Irene about Zen-san’s arrival last night on the phone, when Jr finally decided a take a swipe at him.  A true zen, he gave Jr a “now what’s that for?” look. No retaliation, no hissing nothing. Irene joked “heck! you should call him JC for that!”

Not a bad idea.  That shall be his nickname. 🙂

Another one joins the house

October 27, 2007

This is Zen, formerly known as LaPis.


Zen joins us this morning.  It wasn’t a pre-meditated adoption at all. It just happened. One minute he was playing at my feet in foster mom’s place & the next I just blurted “wanna come home with me?” He gave me that big innocent look (like this picture’s) & that sort of sealed the deal.

LaPis is a great name for him but I just thought Zen sums him up pretty well & it is a nice ending to the Chaos membership. 🙂


Raining cats & dogs

October 25, 2007

The California fire has sent owners & pets checking into local hotels.

 The CEO of San Diego Convention & Visitors Bureau describes the situation “looks like Noah’s ark down there.”

The Lowe Resort has goats trotting across the lobby & potbelly pigs attending the hotel’s movie night on Tuesdays.  Due to the increase of these unusual hotel guests, Lowe Resort now includes dog food & poop bags in their amenities.

Socks got dumped

October 25, 2007

Maybe you knew but this is news to me.

 Apparently, Hillary Clinton dumped Socks as soon as the Clinton’s left the White House!

Read the full story here.


Socks giving an address on responsible pet ownership


Vegansexuals have sex with vegans or vegetarians only

I first came across this term in 8 Days.  Googled it & found that a New Zealand researcher conducted a study from a poll of 157 vegans (mostly female).  The study showed that vegans don’t like sex with carnivores because “… because of the smells and tastes of their (meat eaters’) body fluids.”

So guys, the next time vegan lady rejects you, its nothing personal, really.  Personally I think a study of 157 participants is  hardly an accurate representative of vegans & vegetarians.

From NMP Siew’s blog

The last few posts have been on the repeal of 377A.  It is my firm believe that a person’s sexual preference is nobody’s business but his or her own.  Just because the so-called majority are uncomfortable with the idea of homosexuality does not make it wrong. Nor does it gives anyone the right to discriminate. 

Dragging family values, religion or morality into this debate is just lame.